Gordon Olson

Gordon Olson has a background in Mineral Economics , Engineering and Management with interests in exploration-exploitation, risk analysis and reserve estimation.  Focus of experience has been on resource plays, reservoir management, enhanced oil recovery encompassing both national and international locations.   Gordon is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO with anDSC_0040 MS Degree in Petroleum Engineering and BS in Petroleum Engineering from North Dakota State University.  Gordon aims to leverage this background to bring a wide range of consulting and evaluation services to land owners in the North Dakota area.

Career History

Gordon is currently a Principal Partner of Homestead Royalty & Mineral Evaluation Service. Gordon’s family roots date back to 1888 in North Dakota utilizing the Homestead Act under President Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the United States.  Gordon currently owns and manages the historical family farm in North Dakota.   The farm has been continuously owned by a family member for over a hundred and thirty five years and is listed as a North Dakota Centennial Farm.

Prior to Homestead Royalty, Gordon worked for Allen & Crouch, Casper, WY as a Senior Reservoir Engineer. His responsibilities included economic evaluations, water flood surveillance and design.  Determination of sweep efficiency and by passed reserves in mature water floods.

Prior to Allen & Crouch, Gordon worked for Cimarex Energy Co, Denver, CO as a Senior Reservoir Engineer, working with the Permian Basin Waterflood Operations Group.  Responsibilities involved all aspects of secondary recovery operations, including preliminary screening, analog assessment, S/P ratios, design and economic evaluation.

Prior to Cimarex, Gordon was a Senior Analyst in Reservoir Management for Quantum Reservoir Impact, Houston, TX.  Gordon was embedded into PEMEX’s reservoir management team located in Ciudad Del Carman, MX.   The Cantarell Complex is the world’s largest N2 injection facility producing 1.6 BCF of nitrogen that is carried offshore and injected into 4 different reservoirs.  Cantarell was ranked as the second largest oil filed in the world producing over 2.1 million BOPD in 2003.  QRI works with NOC’s providing teams of professionals that include reservoir simulators, geoscientists, petrophysicist, and reservoir management experts to enhance and create value.  Specific responsibilities include voidage management, material balance calculations, reservoir surveillance and monitoring.

Prior to Quantum, Gordon was North Rockies Team Leader for St. Mary Land and Exploration.  He led the technical and business performance of multi-discipline groups in the Williston Basin.  He identified future growth opportunities and developed strategy to capture key core areas in the Bakken-Three Forks trend. Efficiently and economically exploited legacy assets in the Red River, Madison and Duperow formations, which included St. Mary operated and non-operated secondary recovery projects.  Screening, initiation and development of secondary recovery projects (North Branch Field, ND Madison secondary recovery project, July, 2008).

Prior to St. Mary’s, Gordon was the Vice President of Engineering for Pinnacle Gas Resources. He was responsible for project development, execution and economic assessment of 451,000 undeveloped acres in the Powder River Basin and Green River Basin. Responsible for internal quarterly, MY and YE SEC reserve reports consisting of approximately 23,000 locations.  Experience in budgeting, capital allocation and valuation of existing assets.  Gordon was one of the instrumental players that brought PINN from a private equity to a NASDAQ listed company.

Prior to Pinnacle, Gordon was a Reservoir Engineer at CDX Gas. He managed the recompletion and infill development of tight gas sandstones on 25,000 acres on the Jicarilla Apache Nation in the San Juan Basin. Staged recompletions were done on the Mesaverde formation and infill drilling was completed in the Dakota formation. CBM prospect evaluation, development and economics for pinnate horizontal wells in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah.  Responsible for SEC reserve evaluations on CDX’s western operations.NASDAQ

Prior to CDX, Gordon was a Reservoir Engineer at EnCana Oil and Gas.  He worked with unconventional tight gas analysis for the New Ventures Group. He  evaluation teams consisting of geophysicists, geologists and engineers screening upwards of 30 potential resources plays.  Basins include Piceance, Powder River, San Juan, Arkoma and Unita.

Prior to EnCana, Gordon was a Principal Partner and Consultant for Wind River Consultants. His responsibilities included performing independent engineering and geologic interpretations for the oil and gas industry. Gordon designed, unitization and implementation.

Prior to Wind River, Gordon was the Manager of Reservoir Engineering for KCS Mountain Resourcces, Inc. He was responsible for KCS Mountain Resources, Inc. quarterly and year-end SEC reserve report utilizing the ARIES DOS economic platform (540 wells located in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and New Mexico).  He performed the valuation of exploitation and exploration prospects within a team environment consisting of geological, petrophysical and geophysical disciplines. He was involved in daily production operations, recompletion work, PBU analysis and drilling of new wells as well as the analysis of well logs, picking of perforations, stimulation design and review of post stimulation work.

Education – Colorado School of Mines         

  • Research Associate, Colorado School of Mines Hydrate Research Consortium, Chemical Engineering Department. Data analysis for consortium members (20 major and independent oil companies), 20 hrs per week.
  • Teaching Assistantship, PVT Lab
  • Teaching Assistantship, Rock and Fluid Properties Lab
  • Teaching Assistantship, Gas Evaluation Lab

Academic Honors and Scholarships

  • Colorado School of Mines Petroleum Engineering Fellowship, CSM.
  • Petroleum Engineering Department Nominee for Coulter Engineering Scholarship, Colorado School of Mines, CSM.
  • Deans Scholarship for Outstanding Academic and Leadership Ability, NDSU.
  • Rural North Dakota Education Scholarship, NDSU.
  • 3M Academic Scholarship. NDSU.

 Technical Papers   

  • Simulation Study of CO2 Sequestration in a North Sea Formation by G.L. Olson,
  • N.J. House, D.D. Faulder, J.R. Fanchie, Colorado School of Mines, SPE /EPA/DOE
  • Exploration and Production Conference, 10-12 March 2003, San Antonio, Texas
  • Using 3-D Seismic to Identify Spatially Variant Fracture Orientation in the Manderson Field, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming by Kim Head (Veritas GeoServices Ltd), Gordon Olson, Kent Chamberlain, (KCS Mountain Resources, Inc.) SPE Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting – Gillette, Wyoming, May 1999.

 Technical Training

  •  PETRA Basic Training – IHS – October 2011
  • HDS log Analysis – Hydrocarbon Data Systems – January 2012
  • PRMS & SEC Standards – JCORT Reserves Evaluation Training 2009
  • Horizontal Well Completions, SPE Short Course 2009
  • Reservoir Aspects of Horizontal & Multilateral Wells, SPE Short Course, Joshi
  • Rose & Associates (Risk Analysis, Prospect Evaluation & Exploration Economics) Aries Windows, PHDWin, Geographics Res Map, Prism Log
  • Curve Analysis, Workbench (Black Oil Simulator), PAN System (Well Test Analysis), Prosper (Nodal Analysis), FRAC-PRO (3D Fracturing Simulation         Program), HiFlo simulator and @Risk.

Professional Organizations  

  • SPE – Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • API – American Petroleum Institute
  • RMAG – Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists
  • API – Secretary-Treasurer, South Bighorn Chapter, 1998-1999
  • SPE – President, North Dakota State University Chapter, 1993-1994
  • SPE – Secretary, North Dakota State University Chapter, 1992-1993