Our Services

Homestead Royalty Services Include:

  • services5Economic Evaluation of Producing and Non- Producing Properties
    Mineral wealth property evaluation with well-documented evaluation of reserves and economic value.


  • Decline Curve Analysis – Determination of Value – Bakken Differentials
    NYMEX Strip Pricing, Oil & Gas, WTI (West Texas Intermediate) Oil & Gas, as well as Bank Price Decks Oil & Gas.


  • Mineral Evaluation
    Royalty, Working Interest, Fractional Interest, Trusts, Estates, and Title.


  • Mineral Purchase
    Royalty, Working Interest and Fractional Interest.


  • Reservoir Engineering
    Secondary & Tertiary Recovery, Waterflood Evaluation & Recovery Estimates, Simulation, Reservoir Engineering Studies, Economic Analysis, Unitization, Spacing and Pooling.


  • Portfolio Analysis & Project Management
    An array of risks from hydrocarbon potential, operating characteristics, timing, delay, market, political  global and rapidly changing capital markets can impact your business.  Modeling of capital, financing, reserve growth, ROI, NPV can generate  ranges of possible outcomes and probabilities that can enhance decision making and value creation.